Our Accessories

S Series

Outdoor SPA

This series features a new skirt panel design, high-quality components, and a luxurious style. It includes a stylish and user-friendly control system, high-powered water pump, efficient circulating pump for clean water, 3KW thermostat, and multiple powerful massage nozzles for relaxing muscles. An air regulating valve allows for customized water output, and each pool has a filter and return net for safety and cleanliness.

D Series

Outdoor SPA

This series is adjustable in three operating modes. Simple and elegant aluminum-plastic skirt. Two-speed water pump can run at high speed or low speed, suitable for adults and children, safe and comfortable. With a 3KW thermostat, it can be heated to a suitable temperature when used in winter.

Classic Series

Outdoor SPA

This series has an intelligent and easy-to-operate control system, which is convenient for customers to use and select different hydromassage modes. High-efficiency, high-quality water pump; bubble bath function, bluetooth system, heating system, lighting system, etc.